Information Technology Project Solutions
Project manager in 1986-87 for the development of the Gate Assignment Display System at United Airlines necessary to operate the newly constructed Terminal One at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. This was a client/server architecture using expert systems technology for gate control database applications in airport operations control towers. It was also installed at United’s Denver hub, and the success of the project led to similar projects at Northwest Airlines (Minneapolis, Detroit, and Memphis hubs), Air Canada (Detroit and Toronto hubs), Iberia (Madrid, Spain), and Thai Airways (Bangkok).
Software Quality Engineer for the Global Test Configuration Mgmt (GTCM) System at Motorola, utilizing web applications and an Oracle database to manage records of chip test programs worldwide. The system provided the necessary configuration management functions of ID, Control, Audit, and Status Accounting, with components built using HTML, SQL, and Java.
As an invited contractor, successfully planned and implemented a special project (Configuration Mgmt System Selection & Implementation) for the Texas Dept of Human Services MIS, as part of their Millennium Project for Year 2000 compliance. This project impacted 11 different programming environments with over 10,000 programs, and all 150+ programmers in the agency (25% of which did mainframe sustaining on PC’s without even using a mouse).
Project Office and Advisor for the CIM Baseline Conversion project at Motorola’s MOS-11 wafer fab. This year-long project involved 25 members to overhaul and change the basic factory control software that runs the fab, and retrain all 900 fab workers.
Project Manager, Transportation Systems Group (TSG) Quality Department. Led Software Subcontract Process Definition Project, including cross-functional team management for a usable process design. This new process design became part of their required process for executing external software contracts.
Engineering Department Manager of the Operating Systems Development group (30 engineers and technicians), the Knowledge Engineering group (27 knowledge engineers), and Technical Support group (9 engineers) over 12 years. Included the selection, development, organization and management of technical teams.
  Technology Exposure and Experience
  Developed expertise with many IT project management tools, including the following:
All standard MS Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, Outlook, NetMeeting, etc.)
Team Collaboration Tools (Open Text’s LiveLink, Lotus Notes, various web-based services)
Program Register Databases (Dante [Motorola-developed Program Register])
Most popular project management software tools (MS Project, AMS Real-Time Project, Primavera Project Planner and TeamPlay, Project Workbench, SuperProject, etc.).
Web publishing software (Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage, Claris HomePage, HTML 4, JavaScript).
Configuration management tools (PCMS, SCCS, PVCS, Harvest)
Operating environments (Unix System V, BSD, Windows NT, 2000, XP, Mac OS9)
Networking tools and protocols (VitalAgentIT, BlackICE, LAN, WAN, 802.11b, 1394 Firewire, RS232, etc.)