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TWA Demo Team:

US-Flag-JumpFreefalls, Wingsuits, Parachute, and Flag Jumps Two-Wingsuits
TWA Instructors can arrange a stellar show of a variety of skydiving and wingsuit flight skills. These include:

  • FreeFall Displays - Freefall skill and speed displays, with smoke trails, aerial formations, and high speed canopy landings at a ground target
  • Wingsuit Aerial Flights - High speed wingsuit flight and aerial maneuvers with smoke trails in the sky
  • Parachute Canopy Formations - Multiple canopies flying together and performing aerial canopy control maneuvers, with smoke.
  • Flag Jumps - the TWA Demo team can fly small, medium, and large flags into many venues

All TWA Demos can have grounds crews, announcers, and on-ground parachute packing demonstrations, if desired. Contact a TWA Instructor for more details. 4-Flock over Puerto RicoCanopy at Sunset

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