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Instructional Services Offered By TWA:


First Flight Course (FFC)

TWA Instructors are certified by respective manufacturers to perform ground-based first flight instruction in wingsuit flight. Wingsuits add complexity to the skydive, so the minimum qualifications and gear requirements for an FFC are:

  • minimum 200 logged skydives - you must have all your belly-flying skills and safety procedures down pat before adding wingsuits to the jump equation;
  • a "docile" canopy - due to the large burble behind wingsuits in flight, the liklihood of pilot chute hesitation and/or deployment bag "dancing" before line stretch increase the possibility of an open canopy with line twists. "Docile" usually means non-elliptical. Larger is better than smaller;
  • a signed waiver - either a demo suit manufacturer's waiver (e.g. Phoenix-Fly's waiver), or a TWA waiver form.

For an illustration of what a First Flight Course consists of, visit these pages.

First Flight and Beginner Coaching and Feedback

TWA Instructors can accompany flyers making a first wingsuit flight (or any flight) for observation and critique, and often video feedback. Fees for this service (if any) are left to the discretion of the instructor.

Demo Suit Rentals

Most TWA instructors either have, or by prior arrangement have access to, a variety of demo suits from various manufacturers in a range of models and sizes. These are generally going to be beginner and intermediate level wingsuits, appropriate for FFC's and other learners. A nominal rental fee may be required, at the discretion of the instructor. Instructors may also loan or rent their personal suits in advanced models for more experienced wingsuiters who want to try something more advanced.

Intermediate and Advanced Flight Instruction

TWA Instructors can provide training and coaching in a host of advanced skills, including:

  • Backflying - many suits are vented such that they properly inflate their wings whether the flyer is belly to earth or back to earth
  • Acrobatics - while in full glide, maneuvers such as barrell rolls, front loops, back loops, and spins are possible
  • Docking - while flying, it is possible to do hand and foot docks, take grips, do ass docks ("cats"), and leg wing head hiding
  • Large Flocks - there are some special considerations when involved in medium, large, and extra large (multi-plane) formations
  • 3D Formations - not all formations need to be in the same plane; stacks, V's, elevators, and other creative formations are fun
  • Sequential Formations - doing more than one planned formation during a jump adds interest and challenge
  • Specialty Aircraft Exits - there are some interesting variations on exits from tailgate aircraft, helicopters, and balloons
  • Wingsuit Demos - adding wingsuits to demo situations can add some exciting interest, especially with smoke trails!
  • Jumping with Smoke - there are some special considerations for adding smoke to wingsuit jumps

Demo Team

Wingsuit specialists can add an extra dimension to an air show. Learn more about the TWA Demo Team capability on these pages.

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