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Some Good Sites to Check for Weather Forecasts and Current Travel Conditions in Texas:

Most weather sites get their information from the same sources, usually NOAA. But some interpret, organize, and display the information in a more useful format for wingsuiters. Example: Two things important to wingsuiters are cloud cover and wind direction, especially at different altitudes. Since wingsuiters fly more than they fall, wind strength and direction at altitudes between 13,500' and the ground can be very useful for mapping a flock's flight plan. And too much cloud cover can inhibit the flyers' ability to navigate to the opening point if no ground references are visible. Not all sites present these conditions for us. Below are some of the sites we have found useful to sample or anticipate flying conditions at various locations around Texas (or anywhere!).

Weather Underground

Type the location you are interested in into the search box (city, airport code, zip code, etc.). This is a good site to show the current and future conditions of temperature, wind direction and speed with gusts, ceiling, and visibility, as well as chances of precipitation and general conditions. A 7-day look-ahead with these conditions at 3 or 6 hour intervals is very useful for planning wingsuiting events. Radar maps with motion show active storms in the area, and satellite views show current cloud cover and movement. A simple $5 annual membership allows you omit all the usual advertisements that clutter free web pages and increase page download times.

The Weather Channel

This is the internet version of the Weather Channel on TV. Type the location you are interested in into the search box (city, airport code, zip code, etc.). You can choose to see history, current conditions, or forecasts as far out as 10 days, or just the weekends. Their basic display is rather light, focusing on only general conditions, precipitation chances, and temperature. But their "detailed view" is better, with 3-6 hour forecasts, winds, sunrise/sunset times, etc.

Weather Center - Air Sports Net

This site presents aviation forecasts, current conditions, specialty maps (airport delays, earthquakes, floods, etc.), plus satellite and radar images for the USA. It is for air sports enthusiasts and is a bit general, but OK.

National Weather Service Southern Region Headquarters (SRH)

This site has weather information presented in a number of useful formats focused on the Texas area. Click on a region of interest in the U.S. map, then click on a city of interest in the Point Forecast map (mid-page) to get to the information about a smaller area. In the Additional Forecasts and Information block at the bottom of the page, try the Hourly Weather Graph for a neat display of temperature, winds, and sky cover over a 48-hour period (Example: Temple, TX).

National Weather Service's Hourly State Weather Roundup

This is a raw text report from NOAA on conditions reported by all airports in Texas for the last 12 hours. It is not a forecast, but a report of actual weather conditions, max/min and last reported temperatures, heat index , wind speed and gusts, humidity, dew point, and barometric pressure. It is useful for checking current conditions at an airport near a DZ or demo location. The information is organized by reporting hour (most current near the top), area of the state (north, central, south), and airport. You can use your browser's page search feature (Edit-Find on this Page in Microsoft's Internet Explorer) to locate a specific airport (city) quickly, since it is a lot of raw information per page.

Unisys Weather

For those of you skilled at reading millibar charts, this site offers a wealth of information. Plots of mass air movements and forecasts from several different models can help you see the macro moves that the weather is making, so you can form your own judgments. Type the location you are interested in into the search box (city, airport code, zip code, etc.), and you can get standard displays of current and forecast information for a particular locale.

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

ADDS makes available to the aviation community text, digital and graphical forecasts, analyses, and observations of aviation-related weather variables. Their graphical wind speed charts for many altitudes can be useful for all aviation activities.

Old Farmer's Almanac

For those of you believe in it, the Farmer's Almanac has v-e-r-y l-o-n-g r-a-n-g-e predictions... Use at your own risk!

TXDOT's Travel Road Conditions

This site maintains all the known road construction and hazard information about travel in Texas. Good stuff to know about if you are planning a long trek to see your wingsuiting buddies in another part of the state! Major City Traffic Conditions

This site is great for plotting a route out of or through a major Texas city. A free sign-up and login is required, but once the site knows who you are you can customize repeated routes in it (like from home to work or school, or back the other way), and get automated email alerts about congestion, accidents, construction, etc. along the way. It is very customizable, and extremely useful in the congested metropolitan areas of the state.

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