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Wingsuit Manufacturers:

Birdman - Helsinki, Finland

The original. Birdman popularized the modern-day wingsuit in the 1990's. Started by Jari Kousma and Robert Pecnik, the company now offers a range of products related to wingsuiting. They started the BMI Program to certify Birdman Instructors qualified to teach others how to fly wingsuits.

Fly Your Body - La Saulce, France

Home of Loic Jean-Albert, their unique S-Fly wingsuit designs made of Dacron fabric are offered in a variety of styles for different skill levels.

Matter - Empuriabrava, Spain

A European maker of skydiving suits since 1999, Cedric DuMont's company introduced the MTR wingsuit in 2002, and now offers the MTR3 and the Tracer.

Phoenix-Fly - Zagreb, Croatia

Started by Robert Pecnik in 2004, Phoenix-Fly introduced many wingsuiting innovations, and offers a range of modern wingsuit products. PF also maintains a PFI instructor program to safely teach accomplished skydivers how to fly wingsuits. Phoenix-Fly's US representative is Morpheus Technologies in Zephyrhills, FL. All Texas wingsuiters should contact them for PF products and ordering info.

JiiWings - Cape Town, South Africa

Maria von Egidy began with the SugarGlider design in 2004, and then produced the innovative Glide System 1 in 2005. Similar in some respects to the S-Fly, the GS1 boasted a single "body suit" with multiple zippered-in arm and tail wings for a range of performance.

TonySuits - Zephyrhills, FL

A premier maker of all kinds of skydiving suits for many years, Tony Uragallo's company burst onto the wingsuit scene in 2006 with a flurry of new wingsuit designs.

EG Suits - Fort Lee, NJ

EG entered the ever-widening world of wingsuits in 2007 with a number of new designs, including the Rigor Mortis, and Volturious.

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