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Wingsuit Schools in the USA:

Z-Hills - Zephyrhills, FL

The busiest flock in Florida! Home to Scott Bland, Jeff Nebelkopf, and Chuck Blue, among other flyers, and site of many premier big-way flocking events.

Flock University - Pepperell, MA

Justin Shorb's wingsuit school with representatives in multiple east coast locations, providing beginning through advanced wingsuit instruction.

Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy - Orange, VA

Scott and Chris Gray's wingsuit school near Charlottesville, VA, southwest of Washington, D.C. and west of Richmond. Participants in most major wingsuit events and records.

West Coast Wingsuits - Sacramento, CA

Ed Pawlowski's west coast wingsuit school, providing personalized beginning through advanced wingsuit instruction, out of Northern California. Ed has been an early and regular participant in most major wingsuit events, especially in the western half of the country.

Texas Wingsuit Academy - Texas, USA

Started in 2007, TWA pooled the talent and resources of several wingsuit instructors to promote the specialty in Texas.

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