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Purple Mike  

Purple Mike likes purple.  So most of his jump gear is purple, and that's how he got his nickname.  One of the busiest flyers in the sport, he manages to make almost every wingsuit event anywhere in the USA, and some offshore.   A recent Texas immigant, he now lives in Houston, TX.  In his day job, he is a PhD mathematician who works for an energy trading company.

After his first tandem jump in 1999, he did AFF in 2001, and moved quickly to his first wingsuit flight in 2003 at Rantoul's World Freefall Convention, trained by Chuck Blue and Scott Campos.  At Flock'N'Dock 3.0 in March 2007, Purple Mike celebrated his 1000th wingsuit flight with pie, molassas, some bird seed, and a lot of feathers ... 

Total Jumps: 2860+

Total Wingsuit Jumps: 2400+

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