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Win-A-Wingsuit DrawingAs a special promotion for TWA's inaugural year, all active flyers whose home DZ is in Texas, and who completed their First Flight with one of our Texas Wingsuit Academy Instructors were entered in a drawing to win a FREE custom-color, custom-fitted wingsuit ordered from Phoenix-Fly, one of our generous sponsors!

As promised, the winner was drawn at the last Wingsuit Weekend event of the year held at Skydive35 in Hillsboro. USPA Regional Director Todd Spillars supervised the drawing.

And the winner was ... Nelson Suarez, from Skydive Houston.

Nelson Suarez

Nelson originally comes from Colombia, South America, and is married with two kids. His family and his day job as a driver for a Houston Pharmacy keep him busy during the week. His hobbies have included video games, roller blading, BMX bikes, and almost anything exciting.

He has been skydiving since his first jump at Skydive Spaceland in 2002. He now has over 1000 jumps, and first tried a wingsuit in 2006. When TWA formed in 2008, he came back for instruction and a TWA first flight course training from Jenn Hinson on a Prodigy, making several coached jumps throughout the year in Prodigy's, a GTi, or a Phantom. On staff at Skydive Houston as a videographer, he has longed for the chance to get his own wingsuit. Squeezing in a flock load when he could, he managed to make 7 flights using demo gear during 2008.

Nelson's New Phantom2

As the TWA Win-A-Wingsuit Winner, he ordered a custom Phantom2 from Phoenix-Fly through Morpheus Technologies, PF's USA distributor. Now he not only feels like superman in the air, he kinda looks like one too in his blue, red, and yellow suit!

At the Wingsuit Weekend event at Skydive Houston on Memorial Day 2009, he doubled his total wingsuit flight time with formation flocks of up to 10 flockers, learning rapidly. See Nelson in video and photos in the TWAvideo and photo galleries.

We welcome Nelson to the flock, and wish him many long and happy flights!

The TWA Wingsuit Instruction Staff

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