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Formed in Austin, TX on November 10, 2007, and formalized at the first full organizational meeting of instructors in Waller, TX on April 5, 2008, the Texas Wingsuit Academy (TWA) is a dispersed collection of wingsuit instructors across Texas focused on promoting wingsuiting in Texas.  Its purpose is to encourage and safely promote the sub-specialty of wingsuit flying in the Texas skydiving community. TWA is not dropzone, instructor, or wingsuit manufacturer specific, but seeks to generally promote the skydiving sub-specialty of wingsuiting.   TWA encourages safe yet exciting and fun wingsuit flying practices.  

The mission of TWA is to promote wingsuiting in Texas

The purpose of this website is to provide a networking and information sharing forum for wingsuiters in Texas.

The TWA home page is the Texas wingsuiters’ portal to the wingsuiting community in Texas.

The Video Gallery provides a place for Texas wingsuiters to share videos of their wingsuit activities.

The Photo Gallery provides a place for Texas wingsuiters to share still photos of their wingsuit activities.

The Instructors page highlights the instructors who lead TWA and represent wingsuiting across Texas.  All TWA instructors have been rated as instructors from a wingsuit manufacturer for first flight instruction, and have demo suits available for first flight courses, rentals, and loaners.

The Flock page will show who has joined the growing community of wingsuit flyers in Texas.

The Calendar page will provide a running schedule of activities of interest to the wingsuiting community in Texas, such as upcoming wingsuit weekends, boogies, demos, visiting instructors, etc.

The Services page shows the range of services TWA Instructors can offer.

The Links page contains a host of additional resources of interest to Texas wingsuiters.


Contact us through this website for more information.

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