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Services Offered By TWA:


Wingsuit Instruction

TWA Instructors are excellent wingsuit flyers, and enjoy sharing their accumulated knowledge with new and upcoming flyers, as well as other flyers, about flight, wingsuit technology, safety, and other topics. Visit this page for the range of instructional services offered by TWA Instructors.


Demo Suit Rentals

As a group, TWA instructors generally share from a pool of demo wingsuits amongst themselves, although the practicalities of timing and geography play a part. Check here for the current inventory of manufacturers, models, and sizes available across the state.


Demo Team

TWA Instructors can arrange to provide a first class show of wingsuit flight for demo situations, like airshows, grand openings, sports events, and other venues. Some TWA Instructors hold the USPA PRO rating. Wingsuit specialists can add an extra dimension to an air show or other aerial event. Learn more about the TWA Demo Team capability on these pages.

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