Project Management Methodology Implementations
While serving as a Sr. Project Manager and Program Management Master for the Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS) at the MOS-11 wafer fab in Austin, TX, Bob Futrell. led a major cultural change project to implement the SPS Program Methodology in the MOS-11 technical community. Recognizing that implementing a change as significant as PM in any organization requires three things in equal proportion (Portfolio Mgmt, Individual Project Mgmt, and a Supportive PM Environment with Tools), he designed and taught a certification curriculum of 20 contact hours of PM instruction in the following specific topics:
  PM Fundamentals
  Project Initiation and Planning
  Work Breakdown Structure and Schedule Development
  Estimating Work Effort
  Project and Stage Closure
  Seminar Lab (to experiment with tools: Dante (Motorola’s internal portfolio management application), Compass, Netmeeting, Web building, etc.)
  Communications and Meeting Mgmt
  Teams and Personalities
  Negotiating Effectively
101 first and second level engineering project leaders from MOS-11 and MOS-13 (two Austin fabs) graduated from the curriculum, and used the principles and tools to run at least 10 fab-level yearlong projects successfully.
Led in-depth team project planning sessions in MOS-11 for 0.25um project, OLSPC Implementation, LDMOS Transfer, and most of the 11 CBL 7.3 Conversion project subteams.
Completed MOS-11 Dante registered SPS PM Implementation project, as prescribed by PSG.
Participated as a member of 0.25um Capability, OLSPC Implementation, CBL 7.3 Conversion, and LDMOS Transfer projects in MOS-11.
Designed standard PM Info Systems to support PM Processes (Compass spaces, Custom web pages, etc.)
Prepared MOS-11 PM Level3 process document 12MSX00161G
Moved the maturity of the 50 person MOS-11 project leadership community and PSG from 18% in May 2000 to 70% in Nov 2001 (75% of original 90% goal), as measured by the 50 question SPS PM Maturity questionnaire, assessed by 9 different assessors, internal and external to the organization.
Held 94 PM Seminar sessions with average evaluation rating of 4.2/5.0, covering 10 project management topics, for 59 MOS11 & 8 OHT people, with 41 MOS-11 graduates and 1 OHT graduate of the whole PM Seminar series. Entertained external interest in the seminar contents from OHT, EKB Quality, and Ed Bluestein FMO.
Set up & maintained the MOS-11 registers, metrics, and PSG Compass area since March 2001, supporting 3 different appointed MOS-11 PM Controllers (Johnston, Huebinger, and Hollingsworth) for 25 PSG meetings. Performed 2 register “clean-ups” to help get upstream project/program alignment.
Started an information communication page “PM News” focused on tips and tricks distributed through a custom email distribution list, to enhance skills, encourage continuous improvement, and keep interest in the subjects alive.
Advised project leaders through all phases of project management, consulting with 33 of 40 (82.5%) targeted project leaders. Held PM consultations with PSG members Fred Cumpian and Shelley Van Dyke. Consulted with Mark Gibson on 0.25um Capability project initiation and planning, Brian Melnyk on Cu Inductor project initiation, Karen Honcik on LDMOS initiation and closure, and 15 people planning the CBL 7.3 Conversion project. Held informal PM consultations with about 80% of total MOS-11 project leadership community.
Became MOS-11 Compass Knowledge Champion to organize internal and external, public and private web spaces, and to educate the community on the use of the sector’s powerful collaboration tools. Began setting up groups and designing an orderly “Front door” for all MOS-11 Operations and Projects, and coordinating groups with admin staff to update & keep current with email lists (like SANDS, MOS11ALL, etc.)
Performed external public talks on project management subjects for Austin-SPIN and UT-SQI.
Assisted other organizations with PM help when requested. Consulted on several Transportation Systems Group projects, including: TSPG 8-bit, TSPG 16-bit, TSPG 32-bit Developments, PMO Director projects, Metrowerks PMO Implementation, NCSG/WSBG Mfg Improvements, T&M PMO projects, OH Test. Presented 4-hour NPI/PM training session to 80+ engineers in NVMTC. Presented M-SPIN Brown Bag talk at Metrowerks. Prepared for and executed Project FastStart consultations for the SPS Quality ISO-9001-2000 / QMS Worldwide Rollout project, involving 25 people from Asia, Phx, Aus, and Europe, via Netmeeting in real-time.
Set up the CBL 7.3 Conversion project front web page, Compass spaces, and communication tools. Taught most team members how to use them.
Worked with a small Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) company, Skipstone, Inc., to help set up their development processes and steer their product efforts. Set up processes for and helped to steer a small team of highly experienced and motivated hardware and device driver software developers toward a commercial product in 1996. The products were boards, drivers and application software supporting the IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus standard for computer and consumer electronics connectivity.
Management and Situational Solutions
Teamwork & Leadership : Worked closely with most of the important projects in Motorola’s MOS-11 fab. Demonstrated project management knowledge – good depth and breadth – and earned a reputation as a subject matter expert.
Customer Focus: Broad internal and external reach. Touched over 50 people in the target community, and extended to several external organizations, enhancing MOS-11’s reputation in the T&M and SPS communities. Was responsive and timely to requests for assistance and consultation.
Communication & Collaboration: Showed how available SPS tools could be used to enhance project and team collaboration and communication (project home page, Compass tips & tricks, etc.).
With Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) for 15 years, I held several management positions in custom application development and technical sales support, most with a marketing focus. I have managed groups as large as 30 engineers, with projects around the globe, and been responsible for annual budgets up to $3M, and individual project revenues up to $2M. An excellent speaker, I have addressed large groups on a wide range of technical and management topics.
Gained extensive financial, budget preparation and management, and general management experience as cost center and memo entity profit/loss center manager for the Knowledge Engineering program at Texas Instruments, which included operations control systems for United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Iberia (Spain), Thai (Bangkok), UPS, and others that were similar to the Gate Assignment Display System built for United Airlines. Developed and taught a one-day public seminar at UT-Austin “Basic Accounting for Software Project Managers”.
Gained experience as a successful engineering people manager at Texas Instruments as manager of the Operating Systems Development group (30 engineers and technicians), the Knowledge Engineering group (27 knowledge engineers), Technical Support group (9 engineers), including the selection, development, organization and management of technical teams.
Change agent for large companies toward a project management culture.
Public speaker on the subjects of project management, quality engineering, and software process.
Cost and profit center management for medium to large software development businesses.
Advisor to management on quality and performance issues, especially concerning the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence.
MBNQA for Performance Excellence Quality Examiner.
Engineering manager for development organizations.
Project planner and scheduler.
Educator and mentor on subjects germane to project management, software engineering, and quality management.
Curriculum designer and teacher for distance education adult learning.
Author of college textbooks and teaching materials.