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Thanks for your interest in wingsuiting in Texas! The purpose of the Texas Wingsuit Academy is to promote safe wingsuiting in Texas, and to build the Texas flock.

Wingsuit flight is an advanced skill in skydiving, due to the added complexities of the gear and flight characteristics. So, the wingsuit student must first be an experienced and accomplished skydiver, with at least the following minimum qualifications:


Experience: (currency and competency)

  • 200 skydive minimum: completed within the past 18 months
  • 75 skydives: completed within the past 12 months
  • 10 skydives: completed within the past 30 days
  • USPA - B license or equivalent
  • A logbook showing appropriate jump experience
  • If you no longer keep a logbook you must have a USPA - D license and a printout of jumps from the past 6 months showing at least 35 completed skydives

Equipment: (safe and simple)

  • Docile main canopy - no more than 1.6:1 wing-loading - Sabre2, Triathlon, or equivalent
  • Familiar equipment - must have own gear or completed at least 10 recent jumps on the gear you use
  • Hand or chest mount altimeter
  • Regular BOC pilot chute
  • Audible Altimiter and helmet
  • AAD

If you qualify, and are in Texas, contact us to do a First Flight Course with one of our instructors. Generally, there is a $40 charge for the instruction (about an hour of ground school, with additional practice time), and $10 for wingsuit rental. Then if you pay for their lift ticket on the airplane, an instructor will accompany you on your first flight, often with video, to provide observation and flight feedback. Some of the above fees may be waived at the discretion of the instructor. Subsequent flights to gain proficiency may only involve wingsuit rental.

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